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“It’s time to use your voice and your power to transform the fashion industry into a force for good.
It’s time for a Fashion Revolution.”

Sunday 24th April 2016 marks 3 years since the Rana Plaza disaster where 1,134 innocent lives were taken with thousands more injured in the worst ever industrial accident to hit the garment industry. This tragedy sparked the creation of Fashion Revolution and the beginning of a movement to strive for a transparent fashion industry where nobody has to suffer. Fashion Revolution believe “that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way – where creativity, quality, environment and people are valued equally.” Throughout the week of 18-24th April, Fashion Revolution Week aims to bring people together from across the globe to raise awareness about such an important matter that is constantly ignored.

Last year, individuals from over 70 countries took part in Fashion Revolution Day and asked the crucial question “Who Made My Clothes?” and this year it can be even bigger. We want you to get involved – all you have to do is take a selfie or a shot of your label, and ask the brand “Who Made My Clothes?”. You can ask via any social media site, from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, just make sure you use the hashtag #whomademyclothes and tag the brand using the @ sign. You can also tweet the question directly through the Fashion Revolution website by visiting There’s also loads of events to get involved with, downloads to take advantage of and lots of resources to raise awareness of Fashion Revolution.


Here at Beaumont Organic, we know exactly who has made our clothes – from the raw yarn to the finished garment. We work closely with our factories in Portugal and Manchester, England to ensure that all the workers who manufacture our garments can do so in a safe and happy environment with a fair wage.

Here’s a quick hello from our very own Hannah who is currently on vacation in Marrakesh!

So make sure you get involved this week – raise awareness, demand a more transparent future for the fashion industry and most importantly, always ask the question “Who Made My Clothes?”.

Fashion Revolution

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