Name and Position: Marie Louise Pumfrey, Company Director at MLPR - fashion PR agency. Brief history of how you got to where you are now: I started my career in book publishing as a press officer at Virago Press, which at the time was my dream job. Before I knew it, I landed an amazing role at the really cool fashion PR agency Lynne Franks PR and was surrounded by incredible designer fashion by the likes of John Galliano, Katherine Hamnett and Ghost. It was a ‘absolutely fabulous’ time but after three years I moved on and spent a couple of years in Sydney working for Spin Communications and heading up their fashion showroom. I was really happy to return to London in the late 90s and was lucky enough to join the launch team of Channel 5, however I then moved into showbiz and entertainment PR. Seven years later and now a working Mum with two kids, I decided to set up my own agency in 2006. This has been an incredible learning curve - challenging in a good way and I am now so lucky to work with some of the most talented British designers and creative around. Favourite part of your job: Seeing great coverage in the media on our clients and helping build their businesses through what we do. Biggest hurdle or challenge you have faced or still face: Juggling work, running a business with being a great Mum!  I find work can take over and be completely consuming so it can be hard to switch off in the evening, help with homework or organise the school uniforms for the next day. Your favourite piece in the new collection: The KARENPeter Pan collar top.
Your favourite restaurant: My favourite new discovery is a restaurant and cinema combined!  Its in Whiteley, Queensway London and they have a very cool boutique movie centre with lush seats, delicious food, cocktails and waiter service.  Bit like a first class travel version of movie viewing.
What are you reading right now: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - I’m a member of a lovely book club so I have to read at least one book a month which is great. This has been one of my favourites so hugely recommend. Most stylist celebrity – or who do you admire: Angelina Jollie - a celebrity with integrity - so beautiful, always very chic and has her heart in the right place. Key investment piece for the autumn: Joseph leather biker jacket (I bought one in the sale in the Summer) which I am hoping will last a life time! Secret to success: Commitment, integrity and 100% effort in all aspects of life.
Your Moto / saying for life: Truth without fear.

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