Name and Position: Nicola Elliott, Founder of Neom Organics Brief history of how you got to where you are now. I was working for magazines and was always surrounded by glamourous beauty products.  I began to wonder what was actually in them. Realizing it was hard to find something luxe that was also that little-bit-nicer to your skin, I thought to myself “ just do it yourself” – so I went on a rollercoaster to launch Neom Organics, a brand with a genuinely different, organic range of home fragrance and superior body care products which are as close to perfect as possible. Favourite part of your job: No two days are the same. One day I could be reviewing essential oil blends or trialling new candle scents. And the next I will be looking at new designs for our website. I am headed to Paris this weekend for a trade show and then will be presenting live on QVC next week. I am flat out, but never bored! Biggest hurdle or challenge you have faced or still face: On a professional level, a really big challenge which I’m proud to say we’ve just overcome is launching a 74% organic bath foam without using SLS. Two years in the making and we’re launching it this September. Personally, being a mum of two little ones, I suffer from that mummy guilt! Running your own business and being a mum is one of the trickiest tasks I’ve had to undertake and it continues to challenge me as the business grows more rapidly.  I would love to achieve that ideal balance between family life and work. Your favourite piece in the new collection: I love the double-breasted navy cardigan. Your favourite restaurant: Van Zellers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Tom is an amazing chef who has worked around the world. What are you reading right now? ‘What google would do’ Most stylist celebrity – or who do you admire: Kate Moss Key investment piece for the autumn: I adore fashion, but I always invest in quality beauty products for the colder months. Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil is an absolute must for when the weather turns. Secret to success: It’s no secret but hard work goes a long way! And invest in the right team - you absolutely need to find the best in people, listen to them when they know more than you and not just tell them to do things, but really take their advice. Your Moto / saying for life: ‘Just do it’. Ok, slightly stolen from Nike, but true none-the-less. You can shop the NEOM collection at neomorganics.com

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