"Hannah and Nelson kindled a long-distance liaison" in YOU Magazine

Posted on March 05 2013

Hannah and her husband, Nelson were interviewed by YOU Magazine about their relationship and marriage, how they met and how they made a long distance relationship work. Read the full interview here! Hannah, 28, says Nelson was my first ever boyfriend. I was 16 and on holiday in Portugal with my girlfriends in 2000. He and his friends were trying to chat us up but we gave them the cold shoulder. Later that evening, we bumped into each other and got talking. We became teenage sweethearts and, 18 months later, he moved to the UK to join me and started a course at Leeds University. Unfortunately, I’d already decided to take a gap year so just as he arrived I left for Fiji. Looking back, it must have been so hard for him as he barely spoke any English. That year apart was the toughest. There was no internet access on the island and we only spoke once a week. We got used to being apart, which makes it easier for us now that I travel a fair bit for my business.  I spend weeks in Portugal now, as it’s where I get my clothing line made up. Nelson is very supportive of my long working hours and the secret to our happy marriage is lots of laughter and fun. It felt so right to marry my first boyfriend. Nelson, 33, says As a lifeguard, I spoke to strangers all day but when I met Hannah, I was hooked. We started dating and had a long-distance relationship for a year chatting on the internet. In 2002, just as I moved to the UK to go to Leeds University to be closed to Hannah, she travelled to Fiji for a year to teach maths, which had been planned for a long time. It was hard to deal with being so far apart. We were both students without the money to make long-distance calls and the technology we have now, but we always stayed faithful to each other. Then, in 2010, exactly ten years after we met, I took her back to that beach in Portugal and proposed.


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