Stunning Wedding in Marrakech

Last June, Nelson and Hannah were invited to their good friend's Sophie and Alex's wedding in Marrakech. They had a week of relaxing by the pool with friends before the wedding on the Saturday. Words by Hannah Beaumont. It was spectacular; everything you would expect from this cosmopolitan trendy couple... and a bit more! The wedding was all outside from the moment we arrived; ceremony, cocktails, Al fresco dining and dancing under the stars by the lantern lit pool - beautiful! I am a HUGE fan of Al Fresco dining and indeed outdoor weddings (after all, I had one myself) and I think the atmosphere you can create outdoor in the evening is magical and enchanting. Here are a few of my favourite moments...

Sophie looked stunning in her dress and Al looked smart in a tailored suit.

Pink roses were the flower of choice and they looked beautiful in various creative displays.

I wore a linen triple tier dress which I had made for me in the Algarve. I love having special dresses for occasions like this!

The table setting was very Moroccan with traditional plates, glasses and lanterns.

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