When our Creative Assistant Laura travelled to Italy, she took a day out of Venice to visit the beautiful city of Verona.

Words by Laura Whittaker.

“Verona was just a short train journey from the city of Venice, so a chance to view this beautiful city could not be missed! From the moment we arrived at Verona Centrale Train Station, we were immediately immersed in the hustle and bustle of this vibrant and historic city of culture.  A short walk up the main street displays the diverse variety of shops, bars and restaurants, where I was making a mental note of where I would like to visit later - and also where we sampled some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted! Suitably cooled by my honeycomb delight, we strolled into the very centre of Verona where we found the Arena - the third largest Arena in Italy, dominating the Piazza Bra in the centre of the city.  The Arena still provides tours and shows depicting the actions that occurred here around 30AD. Moving on from the centre, you come across numerous small markets in squares and one not to be missed is at the Piazza Dei Signori, where we stopped next.  Here you will find a great deal of restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and Verona’s Town Hall with a wealth of information on show about Verona’s history and present day events.

Along with the vast amount of Roman Architecture and styling, there is a great deal of Medieval design on show in the numerous stunning churches and cathedrals. As we walked around the city, we saw a great deal of these churches; which you can enter and view their magnificent attention to detail within buildings so large.  Our favorites had to be San Zeno Basilica and Saint Anastasia, however you must enter quietly as these are not just museums or relics to be admired, they are in fact working places of worship! Overall, Verona is a fantastic city with so much to offer. The city had an earthquake in many years ago and is still currently rebuilding parts of it that were ruined, however we felt it had lost nothing - with great culture, history and atmosphere (and let’s not forget great ice cream)! Here are my favourite photos from the day.


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