When our Creative Assistant Laura travelled to Italy, she took a day out of Venice to visit the amazing city of Bologna.

Words by Laura Whittaker.

"Visiting Bologna was our final trip on our exploration of Northern Italy and it wasn’t to disappoint. Again like with Verona, we had a very short trip on the train to the more southern city, where we realised that even just travelling a short distance south can dramatically change the climate! It was sweltering, however we soldiered on through the heat and after a short walk we found ourselves in the education quarter near the University.

Bologna is renowned for its entertainment and performing arts scene and much of this can be seen on the streets throughout the town. Here you can see the ‘Arena del Sole’ - Bologna’s biggest theatre. Right next to the University is Bologna’s Historical Centre; here there is an immense wealth of important medieval, renaissance and baroque artistic monuments. You will find the ‘Due Torri’, an iconic landmark of Bologna - these medieval defensive towers are two of twenty that remain in Bologna and are a talking point of the city with their leaning structure. Again like with Verona and Venice, there are many religious buildings that astounded us as we travelled around the city. We were most amazed by San Petronio Basilica in Piazza Maggiore - the vast entity of the building is the first shock as it is the biggest church we had seen in Italy by far, but when you look closer, the detail that we discovered as we explored the different alcoves throughout it was astonishing, most definitely worth a visit.

Whilst exploring here we came across another market selling lots of fresh food, pastas and sauces, all homemade by the stall holders at the Piazza Santo Stefano. We stopped to have a look and picked up some authentic Italian ingredients for friends and families! Bologna was a lovely city - such a vibrant place with so much going on, we just wish we could have stayed longer! At least we had the magic of Venice to return to after our day out so not all bad! Here's some of my favourite photos from the day."


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