This week in the Beaumont Organic office, we were treated to some fresh carrot juice - the king of vegetable juices! We decided to look into the benefits of fresh carrot juice and surprising there's more than you think!

Carrot juice contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals which can all help with weak immune systems. Carrot juice contains lots of Vitamin C, which has beneficial effects on the metabolic processes in the body. It also contains Vitamin B1 - required for proper functioning of the brain and nervous system and Vitamin E for healthy cells and synthesis of hormones. If you struggle with allergies, fresh carrot juice detoxes the liver, blood and intestinal tract, and balances the pH throughout your entire system which can help people who regularly suffer. If you're feeling a little tired or drained, fresh carrot juice alkalizes, cleanses, nourishes and stimulates almost every system in the entire body and therefore is the perfect remedy for exhaustion!

If you're struggling with your skin and complexion, fresh carrot juice cleanses the body of dead matter which reduces the severity of skin eruptions. Carrot juice is also perfect for people looking to loose weight - it cleanses the entire digestive tract of wastes and detoxes the liver which can prevent obesity. We made our carrot juice with a little added apple and cucumber which gives it a slightly sweeter taste, why don't you try it for yourselves?!


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