So, we know what to do when it comes to getting rid of our old clothes - you can donate to charity shops, recycle your unwanted garments or even up-cycle your threads to make something completely new! But what do you do with your old bras, just throw them away? Well not anymore, Oxfam have launched the THE BIG BRA HUNT and are currently collecting old and unwanted bras and ensuring they are taken care of in an ethical way, rather than ending up as rubbish in a landfill.

If the bra you donate is in good quality, they will be sold in one of Oxfam's many UK shops. If the bra is not in good quality, it is sent to Wastesaver - Oxfam's recycling facility in Huddersfield. From Wastesaver, the bras are sent to Senegal, along with things like summer clothes and baby clothes and there, they are sorted and sold at Frip Ethique. All the money raised goes towards Oxfam's poverty-busting work in Senegal and all over the globe.
So far Oxfam have collected 350,000 bras and still counting! You can find your local Oxfam shop by clicking here - so get donating now!


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