Here at Beaumont Organic we’re dedicated to using organic fabrics for our fair trade clothing ranges, and one of our most commonly used is organic cotton. Here are a few facts about organic cotton and non-organic cotton – you decide for yourself! Organic cotton clothing uses cotton grown from untreated seeds, which means the seeds have not been treated with any chemical, such as fungicides and insecticides which aim to increase the chance of successful germination.

Organic cotton never uses genetically modified organisms, meaning all the seeds have been planted naturally and not modified in anyway. Organic cotton builds strong soil through crop rotation, which is where the farmers rotate the crops to get the most out of the nutrients from the soil. It also retains the water due to increased organic matter within the soil. No toxic chemicals are used; weeds are controlled through hand hoeing rather than herbicides and pests are controlled by beneficial insects, biological and cultural practices rather than pesticides and insecticides.

Organic cotton benefits everyone – the farmers are working in save environments with safe materials, the wildlife and the planet is not being damaged by any toxic chemicals and finally you can purchase a quality garment made in the finest organic cotton free from any nasty chemicals. Here you can find all our styles made from organic cotton, including some of our continuing favourites from our organic shirts & tops section such as the Briony 100% Organic Cotton Crew Neck Puff Sleeve Top and the Brittany 100% Organic Cotton Classic Long Voile Sleeve Top. There are also garments such as the Adele Brushed Organic Cotton Curved Hem Jersey Top and the Amber Organic Cotton Pom Pom Slippers, which are soft to touch and perfect for lounging in organic luxury. Shop our full organic cotton range by clicking here.

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