Ever wandered what happens to clothes that are just thrown away and never seen again? Christina Dean may be wearing it. Words by Aleksandra Besevic. "Hong Kong based designer Christina Dean founded Redress.

The 365 challenge was set by the designer to wear 100% dumped, donated or discarded second-hand clothes.  The concept behind the project is to highlight how to prolong the lifespan of clothes and raise awareness of high street clothing waste. For example, almost 100% of textiles are recyclable therefore ‘new life’ can be brought into old clothes by restyling or reshaping rather than simply discarding. Good quality clothing can be used again and again to create stylish and classic outfits.

Here at Beaumont Organic, we support recycling and restyling clothing as it helps the environment and reduces chemicals admitted from landfills. So next time you think about simply throwing away your old clothes take a moment and have a rethink about how can this be worn in a different way? Can I restyle this? Do I know someone who would love to wear this? To read more about the project and follow the campaign on Instagram click here.


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