Exploring Autumn Winter’13 Beauty Tricks

Posted on October 28 2013

During the winter, the focus is on wrapping up and keeping warm in the most fashionable way possible, however it is important not to forget beauty tips and tricks to keep your face and body protected and glowing.

Tip 1 - Use skincare that contains natural ingredients such as cotton. The structure of cottonseed oils can help lock away any moisture and leave your skin feeling hydrated for longer. This is especially important for the winter months when the air is dry.

Tip 2- Choose a natural moisture rich lip balm to protect your lips. If they get dry and flaky, try an exfoliant and use peppermint gloss for fuller lips. Tip 3 – Squirt some lemon juice into your favourite facial scrub to boost its natural brightening power and exfoliating action. Let us know your beauty tricks that keep you looking fabulous this season!

Words by Aleksandra Besevic.



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