Last weekend, Hannah and her husband Nelson traveled to Upton to visit the animals at Chester Zoo. Here's her highlights from the day and some of her photos!

Words by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia.

"It’s always nice to get out in the air after a busy week in the office so last weekend Nelson and I visited Chester Zoo with one of my best friends and her gorgeous little family. After recently traveling on a safari and not having visited a zoo for many years, I was slightly unsure what to expect and how I would feel about the caged animals - my thoughts have always been that animals should remain in their natural habitats.

However, I was pleasantly surprised, not by the cages or how the animals looked, but by the work that the zoo does to help endangered animals and the amount of programmes and campaigns they do to protect so many species. Visiting the zoo was a lovely day out for both the children and the adults, but the bottom line for me was whilst we were educating the children and having fun, we were also helping the wild and giving something back to thousands of animals that without their support could become extinct.

To read about Chester Zoo's conservation and research programmes, click here: www.chesterzoo.org/conservation-and-research Here's a few of my favourite pics from the day!

chester-zoo-penguins chester-zoo-flamingos chester-zoo-lions chester-zoo-pumpkins

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