Ski trip fun for Lucy

What better time to get away than in the grey time between new year and the true start of spring, and what better way to do it than to go skiing?! Here’s a brief run through of Lucy’s quick get-away to the French Alps… In the words of Lucy Cowan. ski3

"Whether a beginner, a pro or more in it for the après ski, one thing’s for sure - once you've been you will always want to go again, and possibly never come back home!


Having not skied for around nine years, I was somewhat intrigued as to how well I would be able to remember the art of gliding gracefully around the snow covered landscape. For Sam, my partner, this would be the first ski trip of his 28 years and with major knee surgery only a few years behind him, it was even a slightly daunting task for the fitness freak that he is! Needless to say, it was like riding a bike for me and minus one crash with a French lady skier of equal (in)capabilities Sam was fine, and did SO well for a beginner! ski4

We only went for a four day break, with family and friends who are regulars and often visit their very humble second home in the lesser tourist attracting rural resort, Les Contamines Montjoie, near Chamonix. Many childhood summers and winters were spent here by myself, with a mountaineering Father's passion being the main driving force of our trips. The place is ram-packed with magical childhood memories and it most certainly isn’t any less wonderful through adult eyes. ski6 With Mont Blanc towering quietly in the backdrop, each time you forget where you are, a glance up and your breath is stolen away again – so impressive and great for one’s perspective. The awesomeness makes you feel small, and insignificant, which I love!



Here's to planning the next trip!

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