Belated Mother's Day Treat : The Rose Garden, West Didsbury

As Laura's Mum was away for Mother's Day this year, when she got back, Laura decided that there was no better way to treat her than to take her to the very pretty restaurant ‘The Rose Garden’, in West Didsbury...

In the words of Laura…

Mum had never been there before, and if you haven’t either it is an absolute MUST! Set on Burton Road, the main road through the leafy suburb of West Didsbury, this ultra-modern and clean restaurant offers fine cuisine against a backdrop of white walls with pops of colour. Chic minimalist furniture, plates and accessories to die for, it really does feel like such a treat! We started out with some cocktails – a wonderful gin/rose/pamplemousse number, of which the name escapes me, was served in a gorgeous glass with a pink and white paper straw- I was in my element! With a food menu that moves not only with the seasons but weekly, the food is always exciting and new. Click here to view the menu.

  photoI had the ‘Wreckless rarebit starter’ and Ste, my boyfriend had the ‘Kedgeree muscles’ – it was delicious and so, so tasty! He loved his too, here are pics of our dishes. photo 2photo 1 For mains we had ‘Guinea Mc Fowl’ and ‘Steak your pick’ and they also didn’t fail to impress. The steak was cooked to perfection and never having had guinea fowl before I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was really succulent and all the bits it came with, accompanied it perfectly. Take a look… photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) And for the best bit, dessert! We had a chilli chocolate mousse cake and a treacle pudding to share and we actually gasped in delight when the waiter served them to us! They were the perfect end to a delicious meal. I'll bet, you can’t take a look without them making your mouth water!.. photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) It was the perfect way to spend a belated Mother’s Day, great company and fantastic food. We couldn’t recommend The Rose Garden highly enough – so if your hungry and in the area, get booked in here!

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