Fiji Funtime for Hannah and Hubby.

We have finally got our Hannah back from her three week escape to Fiji (via Sydney , of course!) and although she will give you a full account in her own words next week I couldn’t wait to share her holiday snaps with you…

In the words of Lucy Cowan … Beaumont Organic founder Hannah returned to Fiji for the first time since her teen-time gap year but this time with her husband Nelson for a 3 week experience of a lifetime! 10177361_10154180408115221_1030906662745195338_n 10154436_10152100732923237_2490176930825895879_n10150623_10152100732758237_9049887124856290182_n

Having had a short stop off in Sydney to surprise Nelson’s old friend, Hannah and Nelson embarked on a trip that would not only be sun-filled but would also be rather challenging. 1947540_10154194703550221_3327649555650853286_n The pair not only decided to holiday in the beautiful Fiji but to also offer their services volunteering at a hospital for the first week of their trip. Hannah had made the links with the Taveuni based foundation in 2002, during her initial visit on her gap year, and she had decided it was time to go back. The work saw Hannah aiding the medical team for a week, writing prescriptions, being a surgery assistant and even being made responsible for using hand pumping apparatus to keep a gentleman alive who had suffered an allergic reaction to the anesthetic he had been given. 10247418_10152100733088237_3518849525454957130_n   Nelson was part of the heavy work team, completely ripping out bathrooms and replacing them for new one’s in three or four different sites.  The pair said they both found the work very rewarding! Hannah had taken gifts of colouring pencils and books for the children and she displayed their artworks around the hospital walls to brighten the place up.

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After their week of hard work Hannah and Nelson got to grips with their new surroundings and found themselves relaxing, beach walking , reading and snorkeling – sounds perfect to us!  We hope you love the pics as much as we do – stay tuned for Hannah’s full account of the whole experience , coming soon!

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