Volunteering in Fiji : A first hand account by Hannah.

Posted on May 13 2014

Often doing something for others is so much more rewarding than spoiling yourself! It is a completely different and very warm feeling which Hannah enjoyed whilst recently volunteering her time in Fiji. Read about her trip here...

Words by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia. "Giving gifts at Christmas, Easter eggs in April and a red rose on Valentine's Day are all lovely small offerings but for us, they are things we take for granted and often t to give and receive. So when I was given the opportunity to help give safe clean sanitary conditions to the hospital on Taveuni with the Loloma Foundation, I knew the enjoyment I would receive from giving my time would be immeasurable. Having lived on this beautiful island in 2002, I am very aware about how happy and loving the Fijian people are and how appreciative they would be of our help.

The trip started with a 30+ hour flight to get over to the island. Manchester – Abu Dhabi – Australia – Fiji – Taveuni was our route; packed with films, sleep and food! When we finally landed on Taveuni, we were transferred to the Aroha hotel for our de-brief and to meet the other volunteers. The trip to the hotel was slightly emotional for me, seeing where I had lived years ago and the lack of any development on the island. However, the people are as happy as they were in 2002, the sun is shining and everyone was waving as we passed in the car.

Our time on Taveuni was packed with many responsibilities - Nelson gutting the toilets, me in the Doctor's surgery and some island call outs. We met fabulous like-minded people who I know we will keep in contact with and see again in the future. Here are some of the photos from our time volunteering. 10247418_10152100733088237_3518849525454957130_n SAM_2382 SAM_2439 SAM_2205 SAM_2202 SAM_2308 SAM_2154


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