A Fashion Library : Lena, Amsterdam.

Posted on June 30 2014

In this world of fast fashion it is easy to get caught up in the trends – buying lots at a very low cost. Although we all try and be a lot more eco and reduce our levels of throw away fashion it is easier said than done, becoming an investment buyer can come with a hefty price tag. Read on to see how things are changing...

What if we could merely borrow the things that we yearn for at a fraction of the cost? ‘Lena’ a brand new fashion library is giving Amsterdammers the chance to do just that.lenaHaving started with Doortje Vintage the genius team of four super-fashionable women have decided to branch out and push their efforts into a fresh new venture.

Angela, Diana, Elisa Jansen and Suzanne Smulders are set out to challenge consumer trends head on – they are taking their beautiful vintage and donated stock and giving women the opportunity to borrow or try before they buy – swaying consumer trends of buying to wear once and supporting a more sustainable consumer cycle which urges people to shop, consume and reuse. Much like the way of a library.

“The fashion and textile industry has become one of the most polluting and exploiting of all industries. The textile industry is responsible for 10% of the global CO2 emissions and almost half of the sewage problems. One sixth of the world’s population is employed in the fashion industry. The bulk of this number is made up of people in 3rd world countries who, while being employed, often struggle to make a living.”

Purchasing clothing from mega cheap, mass-good producing stores is hand feeding the sort of statistics that you read just above. What these inspirational women are doing is exactly the sort of strategy we support here at Beaumont Organic. Our own company ethics are ‘Organic, Ethical, Luxury’ and we make products that are not supposed to see you through one season, but a lifetime. Reducing waste by producing leather bags from off-cuts and only producing in England and Portugal ensures that our entire range is produced under strict EU regulations, ethically and with fair pay.

It is SO refreshing to see that trends are changing enough to have an impact on the sort of shops we are starting to see opening – the Lena team are using initiative and passion to give women the opportunity to shop in a different way.Fashionchain_June-1024x721As a result of this sort of action they will only amplify the importance and need for continued consumer change. We love the idea of being able to borrow the best pieces and then buy them if you can’t bring yourself to give them back – and simply swapping them for another piece if not! Im sure in the fashion-forward city of Amsterdam if will be a certain hit – I really hope we will see something similar in the UK eventually. Like them (and us!) on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lenalibrary) and tell us what you think? Will it work? Would you do it?

We are fully supporting them here at Beaumont HQ – we hope you will too!


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