Organic September : Make a little change.

The Soil Association are always wonderfully promoting and explaining everything Organic, but this month has been even more exciting as it’s Organic September! Don't miss getting involved and learning all there is to know about the world of Organic. Read on for more…
The website for the soil association is generally a great source of information for everything you need to know about organic living. But, for September there have been focuses on new and exciting features that are aiming to boost Organic for the month. Cute graphics and an easy to follow website showcase offers from fellow organic brands, recipes to make your mouth water, and competitions that can win beauty products and money off organic brands alike! It is definitely worth checking out the website and getting yourself entered into it all!

Check out the social media section of the website for the general public’s shares of the best organic products and recipes. If you have any to share yourself this is a great way to do it. Having had a sneaky peek at the recipes we love the look for this super quick and easy stir fry recipe.

Here at Beaumont we love to see the promotion of a more organic lifestyle, so we hope that for September, even if you have never tried to before, you go a little greener and swap one thing in your day to day life to be organic. See if you can taste, feel, smell and enjoy the difference. We promise you will! Your conscience will even start to feel a little better too – we promise! Let us know on Facebook how you get on!

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