Wool Week : The Campaign for Wool.

It’s that time of year again – wooly jumper time! The prince of Wales is a big supporter of Wool too, infact – he even backs a week long campaign promoting the use of the natural fibre! Read on for how we will celebrate wool week and for more reasons to invest in some glorious winter knits! (with a cheeky little discount for you too!)…

Who would have ever thought it would be so easy to get this excited about wool!? Until this week, we certainly wouldn’t have! However, with all the goings on that have been organized, carried out and documented by the Campaign for Wool it is difficult for us fairtrade fabric lovers here at Beaumont Organic to contain ourselves!

We Produce our wool pieces ethically in Portugal and our winter collections tend to have quite a large focus on knitwear. With the new AW14 collection in full swing we were thinking what better time to celebrate the great wool pieces we sell here from Beaumont Organic than now, and what better WAY to celebrate than to give you a little treat – 15% off all sale and full price wool items! All you have to do is enter code wool15 at the checkout to bag yourself a warm, wooly, winter bargain !

The non-profit organization running since 2010, The Campaign For Wool have very clearly set out some points for why wool is a better choice, and we couldn’t agree more. The website helps to educate and remind the reader of the importance and history of wool. If you fancy taking a look, click here..

WoolWeek2014_v1-1They also focus on wool in fashion and showcase some great pieces from designers such as Barbour, but it comes down to being more than just about the clothes. It is really important from a ecological perspective that we continue to reap the benefits of using wool. Wool is precious and the strive to continue to use it over man-made replacement fibres, is a continuing one, in need of support from everyone.

Wool really is a fantastic raw source, as a fibre and a material, not only as a garment, but for the world in which we live, and here is why:

  • Natural
  • Renewable
  • Bio-Degradable
  • A Natural Insulator
  • Breathable
  • Resilient and Elastic
  • Multi-Climatic/ Trans-Seasonal
  • Easy Care
  • Odour Resistant
  • A Safe Solution
We are so thrilled that wool is being put on the map for it’s fab properties. It is the most hard wearing and natural of fibres, as well as being the best for keeping snuggly on the cold days!
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Here at Beaumont we can’t get enough of it, in-fact we often all rock up to the office in matching Beaumont Organic jumpers such as Josie or Petra (accidentally of course!)
Make sure you check out the website and browse the knitwear pieces with a fab 15% off for a limited time only - Happy Wool Week!

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