Help Save Our Much Loved Countryside!

England's countryside is under ever increasing pressure from plans to build new housing on beautiful untouched green lands! With short term economic needs dominating the political agenda, our countryside is under the threat of irreversible damage. We need to help safe guard our treasured countryside now!

Here at Beaumont Organic, we understand the benefits of being eco-conscious and see it as an intrinsic part of how we run our company. However, we also understand the dangers of turning a blind eye to damaging natural resources in the quest to produce a much-loved product.

‘The Campaign to Protect Rural England’ (CPRE), are a group who share our values. They are calling for national awareness to the ignorance of careless property building on our beautiful countryside. Although the government understands the repercussions of this practice, they are choosing to go forward with plans to construct 700,000 new homes on fertile and undamaged green fields.

The CPRE has access to information, which informs us that there are in fact acres of un-used brownfield land that can accommodate for an extra 260,000 properties. With the potential space for 960,000 homes available, as well as the option to preserve our already diminishing countryside, surely building on un-used, urban wasteland is the more logical solution to the ever-increasing threat of the irreversible damage to the environment.

Here at Beaumont Organic, we feel that it would be such a shame to sacrifice the woodlands and green fields that are so precious to all of us. Instead, if affordable housing was built intelligently and sustainably it would not only help to save our countryside, but also breathe new life desperately needed in the abandoned un-used brown fields of our towns and cities.

If you agree with us, click here for more information and to sign the charter to help save our countryside!



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