Organic Your September with the Soil Association

Here at Beaumont Organic, we’re celebrating because this month is ‘Organic September’ - a month long event by the Soil Association to promote a healthier lifestyle, not only for everyone who gets involved but also the environment! The Soil Association are encouraging us all to ‘Organic Your September’ by consciously making small changes that can have a big impact around the world. From switching everyday purchases such as bread, tea bags and milk to detoxing your wardrobe, there’s something for everyone to get involved with.

Here’s the Soil Association’s 5 main reasons to ‘Organic Your September’:

1. You can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides - There are over 320 toxic pesticides which can be used in non organic farming. By switching to organic, you are ensuring none of them have been used to make your product.

2. We can raise the standards of animal welfare – Organic animals are truly free range, which means they will experience the best quality of life. Organic animals are also reared without the routine use of antibiotics which is common in most livestock farming.

3. We can help protect our wildlife – Organic farms have 50% more plant, insect and bird life with 30% more species!

4. You can really know what’s in your food – The standards for organic food are very stringent and all organic farms and food companies are inspected annually to ensure they are meeting the standards set by European law.

5. We can help combat climate change – If organic farming was commonplace across the UK, we could reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from agriculture by 23%.

    When it comes to fashion, the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil. A staggering 20% of freshwater pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles which is why we have such a big responsibility to ‘Be More Organic’! Organic cotton that is certified means that the processes taken to make the fabric did not contain any toxic chemicals, which helps to protect our local ecosystems and water supplies.

    So what can you do to be more organic this month? If you’d like to get involved then head on over to the Soil Association website, where you can sign up and download a FREE 30 day guide of simple and affordable small organic changes. You can also find special offers and exclusive discounts also with tips and advice from some of the UK’s best chefs to inspire you with recipes to cook with your seasonal organic produce. We spotted some competitions and giveaways to win organic prizes so make sure you visit the Soil Association website and enter online!

    Their big push this week is cosmetics. They are encouraging everyone to switch to organic products which feature the Soil Association logo, because it's just as important to know what you're putting on your skin as in your body. The big issue the Soil Association are battling against is products which market themselves as organic when in fact they aren't. To combat this, they have introduced their own standards and logo, so you can be sure whether the product you’re using is truly organic.

    This week will see the Soil Association team up with a number of cosmetics brands to raise awareness and provide loads of offers on organic products, alongside tutorials and recipes for you to try yourself.

    So if you feel inspired to go organic why not check out the Soil Association Website and check out their quick and easy tips. If you have any of your own organic swaps or advice, we'd love to hear them so make sure you get in touch!

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