July Update from Beaumont Organic

Words by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, director of Beaumont Organic.

Well it’s been another action packed month at the Beaumont Organic HQ, starting with the collection launch at Seek exhibition in Berlin, which was a huge success. We had the most incredible feedback on both the collection and the look-book, which was amazing! Then there was very little time to rest before venturing to London for our second collection showing, which was equally as successful.

In the early days when I founded Beaumont Organic and we had no customers or brand-awareness, I used to spend the months that I now use for sales, travelling up and down the country in my little mini, knocking on shop doors and asking if I could show buyers a collection. It was relentless, but so worth it when I look at where we are now. It’s so rewarding to sit back and see how the business has developed. Buyers actually book appointments in their calendar to visit my showroom and view the collection – it just makes me so proud. In between hosting people at our showrooms this month, I've also been hosting clients at Manchester HQ, which has been just wonderful. Taking the clothing from the studio on the second floor to the store on the ground floor was the shortest commute to an appointment I have ever made! We even had a buyer visit us from Belgium!

 The collection at Seek in Berlin.

In between all the selling this month, I also did a little SS19 shoot of my own in London which was great fun, as well as hosting/attending our first "Be The Best Version of You" workshop at our 49 Hilton Street concept store, which I absolutely loved. I am all about thinking big, setting goals and maximizing your potential so this workshop was a must for me to attend. We will certainly be hosting more along similar themes, as I obviously share this passion with many like-minded people who also loved the workshop. If you want more info, check out our events page online.
Until next month….
 Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia
"Be the Best Version of You" Workshop with Eve.



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