Fairtrade Fortnight & Beaumont Organic

Here at 49 Hilton Street, we are proudly supporting the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, to make a difference to those who are exploited and underpaid, while working hard growing our food and cotton. Our aim over this fortnight is to inform you about how your choices can make a difference, and enable you to be conscious in the future with your purchases.

We are standing apart from the chaos of fast fashion and have been since Hannah founded Beaumont Organic in 2008 when ‘sustainable living’ wasn’t so common. Paving the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future, using only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton which has a Fairtrade certification, and having an ethical approach. Using GOTS certified cotton lets us know where the cotton was originally grown and allows us to ensure that our customers receive ethically manufactured clothes.

We love the super soft feel of the organic cotton and one of our favorite pieces from the spring-summer 2019 collection is the Addison-Paige Skirt. It has a luxuriously soft peachy finish as it is 100% organic cotton. 


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Using organic cotton is important to us, as cotton farmers are often left to the bottom of the supply chain with little to no power or influence, working in poor conditions, often getting health issues linked to pesticides, all for little money. This is why at the heart of Beaumont Organic, we choose to ensure our whole supply chain is treated ethically. Being responsible is also part of the process to preserve our ethics, such as reducing waste, often using off-cuts where we can for sampling and holding sample sales to make use of our waste.

Our collection offers a wardrobe of transitional pieces, that will last for years to come where you can be proud of the story behind it. One of our essential pieces, the Shoba Top is made from 100% organic cotton making it super soft and we love how transitional it is, one of our staple wardrobe pieces. Paired with Rachel Trousers which are also organic cotton too and will be launching online soon. 


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We hope to inspire and inform others to be conscious with their purchases and consider how you could make a difference to someone else’s life. Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect way to get involved and educate others in order to make a difference.

To find out more about this year's Fairtrade Fortnight, please visit our journal!

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