Happy Earth Day | Get involved and Donate

Happy Earth Day | Saturday 22nd April

Earth Day is a global celebration of our planet; created to raise public awareness about pollution and how to protect our planet for the future. Denis Hayes, the founder of Earth Day in 1970, believed that the strongest tool to begin saving the planet is education, and that’s why Earth Day first began in schools and colleges to get children and young adults excited about planet welfare. He believed if everyone did their part and past on information to others then the planet would become safer and healthier for all of us!

Here at Beaumont Organic, we believe in ethical design right through from ideas to finished product. As designers, and wearers, we feel we have a responsibility to ethically consider all aspects of the process. From using organic cotton, which uses no toxic pesticides and a lot less water than conventional cotton to recycling thoroughly throughout the production process and only producing small runs of styles, we must always think of the planet and the effect we, as the population are having on the world.

To celebrate this year, we’ll be donating 10% of all our sales from Saturday 22nd April, to the end of the month to ‘The Canopy Project’. This campaign plants trees to help communities around the world by empowering rural and urban people alike, to conserve, repair and restore tree cover to their lands.

If you’d like to read more about ‘The Canopy Project’, then please click here. You can also read more about Earth Day and the other causes they’re supporting by visiting their website: www.earthday.org

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