Our Green Weekend - ‘’Slow It Down’’

Green Friday | Our Green Weekend - ‘’Slow It Down’’

Words by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, Director of Beaumont Organic.

For the Spring Summer 2018 collection, we produced one of my favourite t-shirts which featured the very poignant slogan ‘Slow It Down’. On this weekend of fast paced consumerism, I ask us all to take a minute before making an impromptu sale purchase and pause to ask yourself these questions:

Do you need the item?
Will it last for years to come?
Will you be proud to tell people the story behind the product you have purchased?
Will you care for and love it?

    If the answer to any of the above is NO, then I would like to suggest you forget that item or abandon that purchase. We truly don’t need more ‘stuff’ – we only need special pieces that we will cherish.

    The team at Beaumont Organic spends six precious months passionately designing and producing each piece in our collection. Everything we produce is made with purpose; from the sourcing of our organic yarn to producing in ethical factories both here in Manchester and in Portugal. We are proud of every one of our products and the value they hold.

    In our eyes, buying from Beaumont Organic is a decision based on beautiful products, made ethically, at a fair price. Not to buy volume, but to consider your purchase and to buy special pieces as and when your wardrobe requires.

    Simple as that.

    I know we have a following of wonderful conscious ladies who would relish the opportunity to purchase their first special Beaumont Organic piece and cherish it for years to come. We have chosen this weekend to offer a gift to our valued followers and customers of an additional discount on our outlet styles, all of which are looking for new homes where they will be worn proudly for years to come.

    The code is GREENFRIDAY20 which can be used online to take an extra 20% off our outlet collection. The offer ends at 12am GMT on Tuesday 27th November.

    And if you’re lucky enough to live in Manchester, at 49 Hilton Street we will also be offering our in-store customers a sample sale of beautiful pieces which are also looking to be worn and loved as part of a conscious wardrobe.

    Please shop with your heart this weekend, and give some thought to your purchases.

    Hannah and the team at Beaumont Organic x

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