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Here at Beaumont Organic, we are not only focused on fashion but we are also passionate about giving.  As you may have noticed when you reach the checkout on our Beaumont Organic online store, we have recently added the option for you to give a small donation to the Loloma foundation, a charity very close to the heart of Beaumont Organic founder, Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia.

After finishing school, Hannah took a year out of her studies and travelled to Fiji to teach local children maths. As a result, she became involved in helping improve the standard of living for the local people and has since made regular trips back to volunteer at various locations on the island. This lead her to come in to contact with the Loloma Foundation, whose mission is to provide sustainable medical, dental and infrastructure support to rural communities in the south pacific, who would otherwise have no access to basic healthcare.

Fiji Hospital Exterior

In the last 15 years, the Loloma Foundation accomplished the following things:
- The shipping and distribution of $32m worth of medication plus medical and dental supplies and equipment to Fiji and the Solomon Islands
- Organised and implemented 60 medical and dental missions in 150 Fijian and Solomon Island villages
- Treated over 90,000 patients with the help of their voluntary physicians
- Performed 382 cataract surgeries and 520 general surgeries
- Seen over 8,700 dental patients

The Loloma Foundation also believes that it's really important to build a healthy community, beyond simply providing basic medical and dental care. They strive to enable the local people to do things for themselves, claiming that 'welfare doesn't build character'.

As a result they are also committed to the following:
- The joint fundraising of sustainability projects
- Village solarisation
- Providing clean water through catchment and storage tanks
- Stocking libraries with children's and adult books
- Building nurseries in rural villages
- Providing educational materials
- Training teachers who are certified by the Fiji Kinde Project
- Providing scholarships for primary and secondary school students
- Village bakery businesses

Back in 2014, Hannah and her husband Nelson returned to Fiji with the aim to help build and renovate a local hospital/doctors surgery. They spent over two weeks building, painting, cleaning and delivering medicine wherever it was needed around the hospital. Here are some pictures of the amazing work they did and the remarkable people they met along the way...

Hannah with her Volunteer team in Fiji
Hannah with her team of volunteers in Fiji

Construction of Fijian Hospital
A team of building constructors having a well deserved break

Nelson taking a break from the construction of a bathroom
Hannah's husband Nelson was tasked with the job of renovating a bathroom for the hospital

Hospital Interior
Hospital Interior
The interior of the hospital that Hannah helped to paint

Volunteers and locals
A group of locals and volunteers having a sing-a-long and a well earned rest

Goodbye gifts for Hannah and Nelson
A traditional gift given to Hannah and Nelson as a thank you for their contribution to helping build better lives for the local people

But there is still so much work to be done! The population of Fiji and Solomon Islands currently sits at over 1.4 million people and approximately 60% of these people live in rural conditions, facing the greatest challenge of accessing basic healthcare. The Loloma Foundation has another seven missions scheduled for 2016 in Fiji and the cost of acquiring medical equipment and supplies, and then moving them to mission sites is an essential annual expenditure. Through donations we are helping the Loloma Foundation to give back to the local communities, providing them with the things that we ourselves take for granted every day.

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