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PORTO 2012

Porto, also known as Oporto in English, is the second largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon, and one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe. We visited Porto during our recent factory trip and found out a little more information about where our clothing is made and the culture behind this beautiful city. Located along the Douro river estuary in northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European centres, and was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. (Douro River at night) We stayed in the area of Foz do Douro, known for being one of the more swanky areas of the city, at the Hotel Boavista. Located on the western side of Porto where the...

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Dressterior is a stunning chain of boutiques in Japan that we are proud to stock. During our recent trip to Japan, we visited their flagship store where Beaumont Organic sits comfortably alongide Marlene Birger, Day and other famous designer brands. Time Out Japan says: Dressterior is a boutique offering a good range of men and women’s classics as well as the latest fashions. It’s known for predicting and breaking new trends, and sold hot brands like Ahkah, Hum and Sartore boots long before major department stores caught on. The boutique’s original hooded sweatshirts and pants are very popular.

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We began our trip with a journey on a Shinkansen (Japan's infamous bullet trains which run at speeds of up to 300km per hour), from Tokyo to the original capital of Kyoto, where we stayed at the Kyoto Tokyu Hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city’s modern ‘new town’. Celebrated as one of the world’s most culturally rich cities, and as the Emperor's residence from 1794 until 1868, Kyoto is the stage on which much of Japanese history was played out. Despite the modernisation of the now 7th largest city in the country, there still remain 17 Unesco World Heritage sites, more than 1600 Buddhist temples and over 400 Shintō shrines. During our two days in Kyoto, we visited...

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