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This week, we visited our local printers to finalise the AW13 Lookbook and begin the printing process! Whilst there, we had a tour of the factory and had a look at everything they do. The company was established in 1890 and have been based within their factory in Manchester since 1920. The factory is 50,000 sq. ft and homes over 100 pieces of machinery - combining state of the art devices with traditional machines. Here's some photos from our visit...

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It is always lovely working with family run factories. Over time you become part of the family and there is a sense of warmth about the experience of working together. Our handbag factory has this sense of warmth when you walk in and much more.  The factory has been run by the family for over 40 years and still to this day the parents and founders of the factory work on the manufacturing tables finishing and sewing the bags whilst son and daughter run the sales and marketing side. EVERYTHING is made by hand and finished by hand. The process if fascinating to watch and really makes you realise why good quality bags are the price they are. The time...

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