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Beaumont Organic | Luxury Candles

During these chillier months, all we want to do after a long cold day is to return home to a cosy and warm house, and what's better than returning to a home that is bursting with sweet, warm and welcoming aromas? To us, a house is not a home without a beautifully scented candle burning away, making it smell oh so heavenly and ever so inviting!

Here at Beaumont Organic, we have launched our very own range of long lasting luxury scented candles and we are very excited to reveal our newest fragrances and styles to you. All our candles are hand made in England from natural plant wax and have never been tested on animals or use any animal or paraffin derived ingredients. 

To shop the Luxury Candles, click here or read below to find out more about our newest scents. 

Beaumont Organic | Luxury Candles

1. Limeleaf & Ginger

The Limeleaf & Ginger is one of our strongest and most powerful scents with its rich ingredients. This fresh flavour will ooze into every corner of your home without being too overpowering, leaving behind a zesty and citrusy kick.

2. Rhubarb & Ginger

The Rhubarb & Ginger scented candle will have you remembering your childhood, with its fruity, sweet scent that will almost so good to eat! The hint of ginger gives it that earthy sharp kick to help balance out the sweetened scent to leave a relaxing subtle aroma. 

3. Wild Fig & Grape

Transform your intimate space with our delicate Wild Fig & Grape scent. This sweet and fruity fragrance can help uplift the mood and create a relaxed and fun ambience in any room. 

4. Black Pomegranate

Our Black Pomegranate scented candle could be described as having a rather masculine scent, with its dark, strong and rich ingredients suited for a more mature setting.  

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