Why we love Lyocell | Our newest eco fabric

Why we love Lyocell | Our newest eco fabric

Some of our latest arrivals in our AW16 collection are made using our newest eco fabric: lyocell. Here's a little information about lyocell and why we can't get enough at Beaumont Organic!

Lyocell fabric is a natural fibre that is 100% biodegradable and made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. The process in which lyocell fabric is created is through the use of nanotechnology, which includes a closed loop process that decomposes most of the chemicals used in production. Lyocell also uses much less water to produce than the majority of other fabric.

And now for the advantages to lyocell!...

Firstly, the fabric is very soft, lightweight and comfortable, which is ideal for our loose and relaxed styles. Lyocell also has an extremely smooth and silky surface which creates a beautiful silhouette to flatter every figure.

Lyocell is resistant to creases (which is great for those mornings when ironing is the last thing on your mind!) but this also means the garment will look newer for longer and is less likely to loose its shape over time.

In addition, this eco fabric has a natural breathability due to its 50% greater moisture absorption that cotton. And due to this moisture management, lyocell is also anti-bacterial which ensures that garment will last longer.

Taking care of your Lyocell garments

As lyocell is a delicate fabric, our best advice is to hand wash the item of clothing in cold water with a gentle detergent, if possible. However, if hand washing is not suitable for you, then use a gentle cycle in the washing machine for best results.

Click the images below to shop the newest lyocell styles!

MULBERRY-LOU Lyocell Jersey Dress In Red

REID-MAY Lyocell and Wool Top In Brown

ERIN Lyocell And Organic Cotton Dress In Black

REID-LEE Lyocell Jersey Top In Red

HELSA-MAE Lyocell And Wool Swing Top In Brown

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