Meet the Maker | Nikki Charnock of Cultured Kitchen

Say hello to Nikki Charnock of Cultured Kitchen, who will be hosting our 'Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly' Workshop at 49 Hilton Street

Nikki Charnock | Cultured KitchenNikki is a Sports Rehabilitator, masseur, yoga/pilates instructor and naturopathic nutritionalist. She has years of experience working with muscle imbalances, injury prevention and rehabilitation using a very hands on approach to correcting alignment. However, more recently, she has seen the need to strengthen her trade through naturopathic nutrition. Nikki believes by creating the optimum environment through food and lifestyle changes, the body can heal itself at a phenomenal rate, whether that be in the physical body or in the mind! Her main interest lies in gut health and the correlation between that and mental disorders such as autism, depression, brain fog and early onset dementia.

Mindful eating is a simple commitment to appreciating, respecting and above all enjoying the food you eat every day. It’s more about how you eat and not what you eat. Simply put, mindful eating is learning to pay attention instead of mindlessly putting food into your mouth, almost unconsciously, not really tasting the food you are eating. Once you learn to avoid this, you start to notice your thoughts, feelings and sensations and to pay more attention to textures and flavours.

During the interactive 'Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly' workshop, Nikki will show you just how simple and easy it is to make really tasty food packed with superfoods, detoxifying fresh herbs and gut healing pre and probiotics. The workshop will include various raw treats, pestos and dips along with examples of how these recipes accompany certain foods to make amazing dishes with fresh produce.

Underpinning this workshop will be mindful eating exercises and suggestions as to how we can bring mindful eating into everyday life. Eating mindfully will give you the opportunity to unplug from daily habits and create space to develop a healthy relationship with food.

During the workshop, you will have opportunities to make and taste a range of foods and you will also receive recipes to take away and try at home. The availability of this workshop is limited to 10 people so book now!

Our first class will be on Monday 11th September, 2pm – 4.30pm and the cost will be £45.

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