'Be The Best Version Of You' Workshop

£45.00 GBP

Join Eve Remington of in her 'Be The Best Version Of You' Workshop. Eve will guide you to discover where specific areas of your life are in or out of balance, and identify and prioritise goals that are really important to you. She will help you to create strategies to stay focused and learn how to overcome obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals. 

Eve is an experienced and skilled empowerment coach, trainer and facilitator. Eve specialises in supporting people holistically, looking at what is impacting on their emotional wellbeing, enhancing positive mindset, and enabling people to create a life they love.

No previous personal development is needed - just bring yourself, be open to exploring what is working well in your life, and where you would like to make changes. 

You will also be provided with a gorgeous notebook to use throughout the day and take home with you to continue your journey. 

Availability is limited to 10 people so don't miss your chance to book this exclusive workshop. Light refreshments will also be included. 

Meet the Course Leader | Eve Remington of

49 Hilton Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 2EF

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