Natural Wine Tasting With Funky Wines
Natural Wine Tasting With Funky Wines
Natural Wine Tasting With Funky Wines

Natural Wine Tasting With Funky Wines

The majority of us are no stranger to enjoying a glass of wine every now and then, but have you ever considered what goes into your average bottle of wine? Most labels just don't tell the whole story!

That's where the guys at Funky Wines come in! Martial and Rob are wine, food and music enthusiasts who met in Colombia and developed an enduring friendship over mutual passions. Full of knowledge and enthusiasm, they combined their contrasting experiences and education of wine to bring Funky Wines to life. 

They are dedicated to sourcing minimal-intervention wines made with entirely natural practises; both in the vineyard and during the winemaking process. They will talk you through what makes these wines a treat for the body and soul in a fun and interactive tasting. You'll learn all about the ethos behind natural wines and most importantly you'll drink some really great wines! 

There's no experience needed for this evening - whether you're a casual quaffer or a seasoned sommelier, Funky Wines are hoping they can show you something a little different. A variety of natural, organic and biodynamic wines will be available to taste along with notes and tips on where to buy.

Availability is limited to 15 people so don't miss your chance to book this exclusive wine tasting evening!

49 Hilton Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 2EF

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As women our bodies are constantly changing, responding to monthly hormonal cycles or having children. As a sustainable brand we make clothes to stand the test of time and this is another reason why we choose to design loose fitting pieces that can stay in your wardrobe for many years to come.


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