Vegetable Tanned Leather

Beaumont Organic prides itself of quality garments that you can buy with a clear conscience and that are traceable. Therefore all our bags are made with vegetable-tanned leather, without the use of chemicals. We also only make small runs of the bags to ensure they are exclusive and sort after pieces that you will cherish forever.
'Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. It is supple and brown in color, with the exact shade depending on the mix of chemicals and the color of the skin. Vegetable-tanned leather is not stable in water; it tends to discolor, so if left to soak and then dried it shrinks and becomes harder. In hot water, it shrinks drastically and partly congeals—becoming rigid, and eventually brittle.' Wikapedia
Generally speaking the leather that you buy at normal stores is not naturally tanned. It is chemically tanned with chromic acids. These acids are very cheap to use but are unfortunately quite toxic and make an inferior leather.