CHOSEN BY YOU: Homewares & Gifting

Lisa's Picks

Got to be Pantufas slippers. I've have had mine for 2 years now, and still like new ones. I wear them a lot as mostly working from home, they are warm, comfortable - and of course stylish. I love them!
You cant beat our Black Pomegranate candles too.

Hannah's Picks

Our dog baskets are the perfect gift! Lola loves them so she would definitely recommend!
I regularly journal for both to plan and to be mindful - so notebooks by Mal Paper are another pick for me.

Alessandra's Picks

I love the earthy tones in A Weathered Penny's range.
Very good quality and pigment.
Definitely a good treat for yourself or a loved one.
Both my partner and I love our Black Pomegranate hand soap - really special smell that isn't too sweet or floral.

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