Our Sustainable Story

Since our launch in 2008 Beaumont Organic have been working to pave the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.


Organic cotton remains at the centre of our collection. 

GOTS certification provides assurance of where the cotton has been grown and knitted or woven, ensuring that no pesticides, chemicals or GMO seeds are used in the production. Certification also provides a guarantee that the workers involved in the production have been paid a fair living wage.



Our linen is produced using traditional sustainable techniques in Italy. The production of linen is labour intensive, resulting in a more expensive cloth, however the hardwearing and durable nature of the material means that well cared for linen clothing can last for decades. 

Linen has the added benefits of being cool and breathable and naturally antibacterial.






As a sustainable brand we are always looking for ways for continue reducing our environmental footprint. From spring 2021 we have introduced recycled denim yarn into our knitwear range, replacing new cotton knits and ensuring a more circular fabric lifespan.



We only work with factories in the EU which pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff. We visit regularly and speak to them daily.

We pay fair prices for our products based on the average salaries in the country and the quality of the manufacturing, and we give large lead times for production to ensure the factory workers can manager our orders within their working day and do not need to work longer hours.







We strongly believe that the mission to become a more sustainable business is an ongoing one. We are working to bring our customers full traceability of every product, from the farm where the raw materials are grown, to the factory that cut and stitched the garment.