Mindful Moment - March

This month the Beaumont Organic team share our favourite podcasts to listen to either as a companion at work or to wind down with of an evening.
From mindfulness to music, food to friendship, creativity to comedy!

Coral's picks

A great lifestyle and health advice with a compassionate tone.
A wide variety of interesting guests, very inspiring ideas about following your passion.
Just a really funny one! And for anyone who loves food.

Helen's Picks


Things Fell Apart - Jon Ronson

All about the origin of various culture wars and looking at it from both sides in a balanced way. 


How to fail with Elizabeth Day

A good one for inspiration and motivation.

She interviews guests about perceived failures and what they have actually learnt and taken away from the experience.

Also recommend by Amy!  

Hannah's picks

Moments That Made Me with Roxie Nafousi

  The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast with Roxie Nafousi

 I found both these podcasts whilst researching 'manifesting'.
Vision boards have been a tool I have used to motivate myself and plan ahead for many years,
and life coach Roxie Nafousi believes 'manifesting' can do the same.


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