End Of Rolls

From our many trips to the factories we have noticed the huge amount of unused fabric rolls which are left around in the warehouses. These fabrics are often produced using environmentally damaging methods but then are wasted. Beaumont Organic uses these fabrics to reduce the waste material going to landfill which would otherwise create more destruction to the environment. We are excited to be using 'end of rolls' in our collections, creating stunning pieces from discarded fabrics. Styles will be produced using the left over fabrics until the rolls run out. We believe that this method is just as environmentally conscious as using organic and sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are bought and produced in ethical factories which means the factory also clears fabrics that are costing them money.
Limited Stock Often using end of roll fabric results in us only making a handful of pieces, typically less than 20 of a style. 
We believe this makes these style more unique and exclusive.