Ethical Production

Fabric, sourcing and manufacturing amongst other integral components is at the forefront of every Beaumont Organic garment. It is not just the final beautiful garment that makes Beaumont Organic clothing so special; it is the story behind the garment and the conscience you have knowing everything has been sourced and made fairly.

From the moment our cotton is planted we can trace it. Our GOTS certification tells us where the cotton was grown and knitted.

All our factories are visited regularly and are very much part of the Beaumont World we speak to them daily and they are an extension of our team.

We only work with factories that are within the EU, pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff.

We ensure we pay fair prices for our products based on the average salaries in the country and the quality of the manufacturing. We must respect what our factories need to receive for making our garments and be grateful to have such a good relationship with our workers.

We give large lead times for production to ensure the factory workers can manage our orders within their working day and do not have to work longer hours.

Beaumont Organic transcends its ethical principles in all aspects of business, from large accounts, to the factory workers, as reflected in our underlying company ethos:
Respect, trust, loyalty, integrity and gratitude must be extended to all those sharing the world of Beaumont Organic