Our beautifully designed Linen clothes are soft and luxurious, and will keep you cool and comfortable while staying stylish on your hot holiday in the sun.
The process of making linen is very interesting and we would like to share a few key facts with you:
- Linen is made from flax fibres.
- Flax fibres are taken from the stem of the plant and are naturally smooth and straight.
- They are separated and prepared for retting. A process of water emersion that can take up to a couple of weeks
- Retted stalks are then dried and left to cure into woody stalks
- Next the Scutching begins which involves scraping a small wooden knife down the length of the fibers as they hang vertically, pulling the broken woody bits away from the fiber.
- Once completed the fibres are heckled with a bed of nails and the long ones are selected for spinning, and short ones go into low-quality linen.
- After traditional hand spinning they are generally woven into sheets of linen.
Linen is labour-intensive to manufacture but the result is worth it!



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