Made In England

We are proud to launch our Made in England products in 2014.  
It is so important to keep supporting clothing manufactures in England as more and more companies are looking beyond the UK to get cheaper production.
Benefits of Made In England:
 - It allows us to be on hand to refine our designs and ensure that our garments are of the best quality.
- The products can be made and shipped quickly to our customers.
- Smaller distances mean lower carbon emissions.
- High quality and knowledgeable worker means the products are of premium standard.
- Supporting local businesses. From packaging suppliers through to seamstresses.
- We are able to source luxurious woven fabrics locally to bring you stunning pieces that you will love.
Beaumont Organic is all about quality and supporting what we believe in where we can. By producing in England we are doing our bit to support local businesses and help rebuild the textile industry, while creating beautiful garments to premium standards.