Fairtrade Fortnight is on its way…

So, what is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Fairtrade fortnight is a campaign ran by Fairtrade where they, along with farmers, workers, campaigners, and businesses all work together to show what a difference Fairtrade can make to so many lives and communities.  Here at 49 Hilton Street, we are one of those businesses joining in and want to inform you of the differences you can make by being conscious with your purchasing.
This year, Fairtrade Fortnight runs from the 25th of February to the 10th March, where we will be informing you on how your conscious purchasing can help make a huge difference. The focuses this year are; Cocoa, women and living income.

Prices have crashed in the last few years for farmers of Fairtrade cocoa, both men and women farmers are being underpaid and exploited. This is worse for the women who work both in the fields and at home, they are under-represented and deserve more. A living income for them would mean enough money to pay for things such as medicine, clothing and school, a human right.

Photo: Peter Caton

'She deserves' is the important message of the campaign to highlight what they need as basic human rights, she deserves £1.86 the amount a cocoa farmer needs to earn each day to achieve a living income. She deserves running water, she deserves a doctor.

We want to help by spreading the knowledge of how buying Fairtrade products can help change another person’s life. Being able to be conscious of your purchases and even inform others can make a big difference.

Please consider this when making your next purchase. 
Thank you, the team at Beaumont Organic x

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