Hannah's Spring Clean

April is the perfect time to start spring cleaning of your home; whether making some small refreshes or tacking a big clear out.

Flower power
This spring I started my house clean by clearing most of the dried flowers around the home from winter and replacing them with fresh grasses from the local meadows. Not only do grasses look completely gorgeous in your home but also the experience of going out and picking them is so enjoyable.
Although most traditional spring cleans would involve throwing a lot of things away, try and re-use flowers where possible; a dried hydrangea could make the perfect garland for Easter, roses and lavender make great natural drawer fresheners and if you do need to get rid completely - add to your garden bedding where they can create great compost for your plants outside.

When life gives you lemons
Chrome or stainless steel in your kitchen can be kept shiny and clean with the most simple ingredients: lemon and salt. Use half a lemon with salt sprinkled on the juice of the fruit like a sponge or scourer and dry with a tea towel afterwards to reveal a sparkly finish. Cleaning products don't have the cost the earth or your wallet - choose eco-friendly and easy!

Try a new layout
Simply moving your furniture or decorations can prove the perfect way for a spring clean and refresh without the need to buy anything at all.

Change up your walls with artwork you kept meaning to frame or giving an old piece of furniture a new coat of paint - can really refresh your home.

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