FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Kitchen Garden

The Mind Allotment project inspired us to share recipes from our own gardens and window boxes! 

Helen's Courgettes 

We are growing a few things at the moment in the garden. We’ll be moving these courgette seedlings out to our raised beds in April.
Once they’re ready to harvest we eat the flowers in tempura batter, and the veg in pasta sauces and salads - but our favourite trick is using them grated in muffins to sneak some extra veg into the kids!

Courgette Flower Recipe

Courgette Pasta Recipes

Courgette Muffin Recipe

Lisa's Herbs

I love using herbs in everything - rosemary when I'm making bread (which I love to pair with Vegan butter and black garlic, and teas made from lemon balm.

Sourdough Recipe 

Tea Recipe

Hannah's Rocket

How to Grow Rocket at Home

Sam's Kitchen Garden 

- Wild Garlic -

We love making scones with Wild Garlic which is in season right now.

Double bonus, the kids love helping me pick it and eating these star scones with it.

Any cheese scone recipe will do, but I add a few handfuls of chopped wild garlic!


Star Scone Recipe


- Pink Pickled Onions -

A really quick and easy recipe!
Blanch the chopped onions with boiling water.
Then add:
-A few tbsp of apple cider vinegar
-A few tbsp of brown sugar
- A sprinkle of mustard seeds, all spice berries and peppercorns
- And 1 bay leaf.
Then heat it until sugar dissolves and jar it up!


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