Q&A with our director Hannah

Ahead of our SS21 collection launch, we caught up with our director and founder Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia on how the brand managed challenges in 2020, the future of sustainable fashion, and her favourite pieces from the new range. 

Hello Hannah!
Can you start by telling us a bit about the vision and ethos behind Beaumont Organic? 

Since 2008 Beaumont Organic has been paving the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.
We do this by creating contemporary conscious clothing for the modern woman. 

What was your background before launching your business? Is it an area you already had experience in, or something completely new and unknown?

I founded Beaumont Organic in 2008 at the age of 23, I was quite fresh from my studies really having only worked for one year in industry in the buying department at Monsoon. Whilst I had studied Fashion and Textile’s Marketing at Leeds University my experience in the industry was limited and I had very little knowledge of sustainable fabrics. All I knew was that I wanted to create a brand that was not only making beautiful clothing but had a story behind the clothing that was just as beautiful and not harmful for the environment or the people in the process.

Did you have a specific business plan in place when you started off, or have you found things have developed more organically?

 I certainly had a vision, which is still true to this day and that is; to be the global destination for organic and ethical clothing. I also had a business plan with goals and ambitions.

Although the details of some of my plans did not always come to fruition over the years, I do believe a plan is important to focus your attention and ensure you are on the correct path.

What is your favourite part of running your own business? And what is the biggest challenge?

I love the freedom of owning a business, managing my own time, having flexibility to come and go and ultimately being able to steer my destiny. I love the people I have surrounded myself with, my team, our customers,  agents and of course the factories. We are like a big family and I am proud to be the leader of it. Finally, the products we produce and the joy they bring to thousands of people as they wear our beautiful clothes.

On the flip side these successes come with challenges. My flexible approach to working means I find it hard to switch off at the weekends and on holidays, as there is sometimes a blurred line between my work and my personal life. I have also had to grow as a leader managing and supporting people. We all have such different needs and understanding my role as a leader is something I am constantly working on.
How important are the values of sustainability and slow living in the way you run your business?
Sustainability has always been at the heart of the business.
As we grow I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable internal business policies and making changes. I continue to seek support to ensure we are staying on track and running the business in the healthiest way possible.

How do you try to reflect these values of sustainability and slow living in your personal life? 

The last year with covid has allowed me more time to reflect. I journal and practice yoga daily, I meditate several times a week and I read. In the past year I have also taken up mindful hobbies like macramé and knitting. Alongside this I eat a very healthy diet ensuring I am looking after my body.
Talk us through your normal day to day. Do you have a regular routine, or is there a lot of variety depending on what you’re working on?
I have a very structured morning routine and have had for several years. This sets me up for the day and allows we to set intentions for the day.
At the moment I wake at 07:30 and have a hot water with lemon, by 07:45 I am on my yoga mat and I spend 45 minutes stretching and moving my body ending in a short savasana. I then write my 5 minute journal.

By 08:45 I am showering and normally at my desk by 09:00 (no commute at the moment, apart from my morning walk with my gorgeous Lola).

I like to take the first 15 minutes planning the day, (even though I have already done a weekly plan), I like to recap in the morning. I chunk my day into one-hour slots so it’s very easy to follow and keep on track.
My weeks do tend to vary but I always allocate Wednesday’s to business development / growth / strategy and Friday’s to finance.


How has the business been effected by the pandemic? Have you had to adjust your strategy and have there been any unexpected challenges or positive changes to draw from your experiences?
We have been very fortunate to be able to run the business during the pandemic and I am thankful for that every day. Of course many of our global retail stores closed for some time and there were challenges due to that. We also had our own challenges internally operating with a smaller team and having to all be very hands on. But we always remained very positive and focused as a team on our strategy for web business, which resulted in great successes.

What are your favourite pieces from the SS21 collection?

The Lesley and Pansy dresses are top of my list.
And I love the Athea dress too!

Can you tell us anything about your plans for the future of the brand?
We are on a journey to be the global destination for organic and ethical clothing. Therefore the future is to open more markets, both with bricks and mortar store partners and grow our web presence. Whilst doing this we will continue innovating and expanding our product range and ensuring we are offering our customers what they need to suit their sustainable lifestyles.

We will continue to use our platform to not only sell but educate and actually make a difference in the fashion industry. Together we can pave the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.


Hannah wears:

Lesley Dress in Sand
Lesley Dress in Pale Blue and  Ruby Slippers

Adeline Jacket in Bone

Pansy-Gee Dress in Pale Blue

Hannah uses The Five Minute Journal and Choose Life Yoga Mat

The SS21 Collection launches at the end of February.

Imagery by Emma Beaumont

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