Argan Shampoo Bar - 100g

Argan Shampoo Bar - 100g

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Enjoy our Argan, Olive, Coconut, Jojoba & Lemongrass shampoo bar.

This is a good blend for dry hair/scalp. Argan rich in Vitamin E, may condition dry hair, help fight dandruff/dry scalp & give gloss to hair.


• 100g

• Vegan. 

• Naturally coloured. No petroleum-based dyes. Ultra-mild, around 6.5ph suitable for sensitive skin.

• Olive is very good for dry scalp & hair. May help detangle the hair & minimize frizz. High in antioxidants.

• Coconut is very good for moisturising hair & scalp. May give shine to hair & prevents split ends, good oil for those with long/curly hair.

• Jojoba is good to moisturise scalp, rich in Vitamin B, C & E, copper & zinc both important minerals for healthy hair.

• Lemongrass oil is anti bacterial & may help skin infections & help promote hair growth & strengthen hair follicles.


Clothing should be comfortable and effortless. We believe the better you feel in your clothing the better you will look. Therefore our clothes are designed to ensure you feel comfortable, whist also looking elegant, with a looser cut that does not feel restricting.


As women our bodies are constantly changing, responding to monthly hormonal cycles or having children. As a sustainable brand we make clothes to stand the test of time and this is another reason why we choose to design loose fitting pieces that can stay in your wardrobe for many years to come.


It is important to us that you feel confident choosing the right size, particularly if you are ordering from us for the first time, so if you have any further questions just get in touch at and a member of the team will be happy to give you personalised advise.


Fit Description

Our classic fit.

 Typically falls straight from the shoulders or hip, designed to drape the body loosely for a relaxed fit. 

This fit applies to the majority of our collection and we recommend buying your usual size for a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Our oversized fit.

 Cut with extra volume to fall away from the body.

 Examples include: Mirabelle dress, Amelia sweat, Stephanie shirt.

The majority of customers can choose to go up or down in size for a neater or looser fit depending on personal preference.


 UK Size Conversion:


 Garment Fit XS S M


Classic 8 10 12 - 14

14 - 16

Oversize 8 - 10 10 - 12 14 - 16

18 - 20


Our classic fit garments are designed to fit the below body measurements:

(Oversize garments will fit a much broader range of measurements)


Body Measurements






72 – 78 cm

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