The Importance of Organic Cotton

We recently got in touch with one of our favourite bloggers, Hannah Wilkinson (the creator of the Dimples Diaries) and asked her to write some features for the Beaumont Organic Blog. Here's her post on organic cotton...

Words by Hannah Wilkinson, Dimples Diaries.

"What does the word organic mean to you?

We know of its connotations to being green and of obtaining quality, but its benefits travel much further than that. From the people who harvest and grow it, to those who buy and wear it and most importantly our planet, organic cotton is a product that demands more attention than it’s currently getting. One of the most shocking truths that have surfaced around non-organic cotton is the health effects it can have on the body. From the soft towel that greets you when you step out of the shower, to your favourite duvet sheets that wrap you up at the end of the day - both are known to irritate skin, cause rashes and headaches and dizziness due to the chemical residue trapped in the threads.

The toxic pesticides that are found in conventional cotton production are also responsible for poisoning wildlife and rivers as well as the needless death of an estimated 16,000 people every year. What differs organic to conventional cotton is the way it’s produced. It’s grown in a way that lessens the impact on our environment and replenishes and maintains soil fertility. Most importantly, organic cotton crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides and Genetically Modified Organisms: all of which are harmful to eco-systems, the farmers and workers and us. the consumer. Despite the endless benefits organic has against conventional cotton, less than 1% of all cotton grown is organic.

One of the top four GMO crops produced in the world, conventional cotton contributes 65% of its production directly and indirectly to our food chain; cotton seed oil is used to produce vitamin E and leftover cotton cellulose fibres that are too short to be spun into textiles are used as food additives. Most aspects in our life are effected by cotton, but the truth of the matter is, we are unaware to what extent it effects us. A natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, the benefits of organic cotton are endless. Not only when you invest in organic cotton products will you improve the life of workers in the developing world and the future of the farming industry, you will significantly feel the difference in quality! It will feel amazing on your skin, last in your wardrobe for a much longer time than conventional cotton, and most of all, it will lift your spirits in knowing that your consumer choices are benefitting the future of our planet."

To find out more about organic cotton visit these useful websites below: To read more of Hannah's posts, click here.

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