Fashion Revolution : Who made your clothes?

Posted on April 24 2014

“Oooh I love your top! Where is it from?!” is a question that people tend to ask one another all the time when admiring each other’s wardrobes and although we may be able to tell them which shop, we may never truly know the back story to the clothes that we wear. Fashion Revolution are standing for change…

WMYC_black_2On 24th April 2014, Fashion Revolution are holding a world wide campaign which will highlight the importance in knowledge of the fashion supply chain. One year ago to the date, 1133 people were killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a result of collapsed work premises where mass production of clothing was being produced. Many were injured and are still suffering as a result of such a horrific incident. 

The campaign ‘Who made your clothes?’ is trying to raise awareness of the processes behind the manufacturing of our clothes. Fashion revolution are asking for everyone to make one simple gesture, to take a garment you are wearing, turn it inside out and take a photo of yourself in it. They, and we, are hoping this small gesture will go global and be a visual representation of how we all must stand for change.

Fast fashion, high street stores have been making definite changes in the right direction since the catastrophe in Dhaka but there is still so much more to be done. Here at Beaumont, we not only endeavor to use organic product wherever possible but we also produce solely within the EU. This allows more frequent factory visits and a better opportunity to oversee that everything is running smoothly and sticking to strict EU regulations, which ensure workers are treated fairly and equally. Everyone is accountable for the choices they make when choosing what to buy. We all love a bargain, but if a T-shirt costs £2 at full price then someone has to be losing out somewhere, and its definitely not going to be the company making it.

A more thoughtful approach to throw away fashion is of the highest importance – investment buying has got to become a practice carried out more commonly. To buy one beautiful ethical thing instead of ten throwaway pieces is not only more conscious but it is also more rewarding. To invest in pieces that are built to last means that they will go on a journey with you and will be able to withstand all sorts of adventures, not just see you through one night out with the girls.

Here at Beaumont HQ, Laura and I have done a quick inside out shot and we would love to see all of your piccies too! Make sure you share your inside out piccie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the caption -  #insideout and @(brand/retailer) and @fashrev with the question ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ photo copy Why not try and contact the brand and ask the question to see if you get reply? We would love to know if you hear back from them. If any of you lovely Beaumont Organic wearers have any questions for us regarding the clothes we make them please do get in touch! Together we can make for a better fashion future! Happy Snapping!


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